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Urgent Care & Walk-in Clinic in Fultondale, AL

Why visit Southeast Urgent Care in Fultondale, AL?

Urgent Care Walk-in Fultondale

Southeast Urgent Care opened on July 6, 2010 to meet your urgent care needs. The Chief Medical Director and full time doctor is Dr. Timothy Taylor, a doctor with extensive experience in treating critically ill medical and trauma patients. Dr. Taylor and the rest of our staff are trained in many different areas and have the ability to perform a variety of procedures on both children and adults.With hours that fit your busy schedule, and a staff that respects your time, prompt and high-quality urgent care is now convenient and affordable. Our clinic has the latest technology and equipment, including digital x-ray, an extensive lab, and extensive electronic medical records.

  • You will love working with our staff
    We make it our priority to maintain a clean, friendly environment. Considering the volume of people that see us, we realize the importance of keeping a spotless setting for you. We love meeting new and old patients and building lasting relationships that mean more than just business. Our trained health care personnel will help you feel at ease as we work to alleviate whatever discomfort or problem you are seeing us for.
  • We handle diverse cases
    SouthEast Urgent Care Center offers a variety of urgent care and health services to patients of any age. We accept urgent, non-emergency cases so you are not forced to go the emergency room or wait if you would prefer medical attention sooner, because we realize this is most convenient for the majority of issues people have in everyday life.
  • We are close to you
    Southeast Urgent Care at Fultondale, on the corner of Walker Chapel Road and Hwy 31, provides an expert medical staff with a friendly patient-oriented atmosphere. With hours that fit your busy schedule, and a staff that respects your time, you can be in and out in under an hour.

339 Walker Chapel Plaza, Suite #115
Fultondale, AL 35068